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The top 4 questions have now been selected from over 1,000 responses and will be addressed during the following events: 

Survey of the town completed. Over a 1000 responses. Here are the top 4 questions people in Harpenden are asking.
  • 6th March  - What's the Evidence for God? - 8pm in the Public Halls (AL5 1PD)
  • 8th March - Why Is There Suffering & Evil? - 8pm in the Public Halls (AL5 1PD)
  • 13th March - How Does Science Fit With Faith? - 8pm in Rothamsted Lecture Halls
  • 15th March - What's The Meaning Of Life? - 8pm in Rothamsted Lecture Halls (AL5 2JQ)


Admission is free. There will be canapes, a 30 minute presentation and then plenty of time for your questions at the end, however sceptical or challenging.


Dr Andrew Sach studied Natural Sciences in Cambridge, is a national Christian speaker, and the author of Pierced for our Transgressions and Dig Deeper.